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Subject: AD: DrugTest CD from Sports Med Australia
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Sports Medicine Australia (South Australia branch) is proud to announce
release of DrugTest, an interactive CD-ROM that provides athletes,
sports medical personnel, senior students and teachers with up-to-date 
information about drug testing procedures and drugs and substances used
abused in sport.
DrugTest is an essential reference and resource for all athletes who are 
eligible to be drug tested and their support personnel. Travelling teams 
can use the CD-ROM as a quick reference for drug testing protocols and 
prohibited substances and methods on the IOC list, while athletes can
their knowledge, rights and responsibilities by playing the fun DrugTest
Secondary school staff and students will find DrugTest the most relevant 
curriculum support and professional development resource of its kind in
The CD-ROM provides:
doctor's info - a comprehensive guide to legal and illicit drugs and 
substances used by athletes to improve their sporting performance
DrugTest - the game: a fun, interactive game that can be played solo
in a team. Players can choose from Question Set A which has a general
in sport focus, or Question Set B which addresses issues relevant to
downloadable fact sheets
a twenty question mini quiz which can be played as an interactive
or printed off
links to related websites
the IOC Medical Code detailing categories of prohibited drugs, 
substances and methods
the history of drug use in sport
And lots more general information to help make safe drug and substance 
For more information and an on-line demo, go to:
View all messages at http://sportsci.org/forum. Click on the links 
to JOIN, UNJOIN, alter MAIL OPTIONS, or get INFO/HELP on acceptable 
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