[Ceviesef-L] Neuronios (criando e acompanhando)

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Subject: [Ceviesef-L] Neuronios (criando e acompanhando)
From: Laercio Elias Pereira <laercio@xxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 11:56:09 -0300
Precisamos prestar atencao nos estudos recentes
da neurologia. Grandes descobertas que tem relacao
direta com a EF (sim, opiniao de leigo;-). 
Um artigo de hoje (CB) de uma pesquisadora do Sarah:
e a reportagem da TIME que rolou na lista da NASPE
(transcrita abaixo). laercio 
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Subject: Exercise Grows New Brain Cells
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 23:04:07 EDT
From: Jean Blaydes <JBlaydesPE@xxxxxxx>
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The following is a synopsis of a story in Time magazine, August 7, 2000,
pg.70. It supports the need for exercise to grow new brain cells.
advocacy issue for daily quality physical education!
In Joy!
Jean Blaydes
Old Brains, New Tricks
Until Fred Gage came along, brain scientists
accepted as a matter of faith that the neurons, or brain cells, you were
with were all the brain cells you would ever have. Then, two years ago,
49-year-old neurobiologist at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies
in La
Jolla, California showed in a groundbreaking experiment that neurons are
constantly being born, particularly in the learning and memory centers.
Gage's discovery forced scientists to rethink some of their most basic
about how the brain works.
Even more exciting was the fact that the source of these new cells
neural-stem cells, master cells with the ability to morph into any type
brain cell, depending on the chemical signals they receive as they grow.
Today neurobiologists no longer argue about whether or not the brain can
new cells. Instead they're trying to figure out how this cell growth can
harnessed to treat everything from epilepsy to stress
to depression
Gage now believes that changes in behavior-like exercising more--can
affect neurogenesis and alter the brain's wiring. "The idea is that we
control over who we are, even as adults," he says. We're used to
that our minds control our bodies. Could it be the other way around?
what we do change the structure of our brains? It's a radical idea-one
turns on its head accepted ideas of nature vs. nurture. And since Gage
some experience toppling long-standing biological truths, it's probably
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