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Subject: [Cevidoso-l] En: TGCS2001 - CONTRIBUTION for Student travel and new ABSTRACT deadline
From: Lúcio Teixeira <lucio.bhz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 21:55:38 -0300
Vale dar uma olhada. Quem tem produção científica
de qualidade pode se dar bem.
Abraços cordiais,
Lúcio Teixeira
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From: F.Casolo <federico.casolo@xxxxxxxxx>
To: <BIOMCH-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, February 12, 2001 3:47 PM
Subject: TGCS2001 - CONTRIBUTION for Student travel and new ABSTRACT
> Object: Contribution to student Travel expenses and new abstract
> Dear colleagues and friends,
> I am glad to inform you that, on request of some members TGCS board, we
> decided to encourage students to attend and contribute to VIII
> Symposium of Milano. Only now we received the communication of a little
> budget that we will use to cover in part this project.
> Thus we introduce a special registration fee for students at half price
> (with the same benefits as for regular participants).
> Moreover we will contribute to the travel expenses of up to ten students
> extra-europeans and 5 europeans ) selected on the basis of the travel cost
> and research quality.
> The travel contribution will be 500Eu for extra-european travelers and
> for europeans. The scientific committee will be responsible for the choice
> among those who will apply*.
> Therefore in order to permit the students to present their paper - and to
> ask the contribution to those that have already submitted it - we delay
> term for short abstract submission to February the17th (the paper must be
> sent by email before 12p.m. Italian Time)
> Delayed deadline is also valid for any new abstract submission for regular
> participants.
> Sincerey yours,
> The responsable of the TGCS Simposiom 2001, Federico Casolo
> * In order to be eligible, the students must proof their status -Bachelor,
> Master or PHD students - by faxing to the organizing committee a
> document (they will show the original document at the conference).
> ---------------
> All the other information can be found in the Simposium Web page
> http://mech.polimi.it/convegni/
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> ISCSB2001 - prof. Federico Casolo
> Dept.I.S.sez.S.T.M - Politecnico di Milano
> Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32 20133 - Milano (Italy)
> email: federico.casolo@xxxxxxxxx
> ph.+3902.2399.6706 fax::+3902.2399.6720
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