[Cevdopagem] Penguins Notebook: Players don't fear drug testing

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Penguins Notebook: Players don't fear drug testing
By Dave Molinari
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Monday, January 16, 2006

NASHVILLE -- Considering how the first three-plus months of their season 
have gone, the Penguins have plenty of things to worry about.

The random drug testing the NHL began yesterday doesn't seem to be one of 

No Penguins were tested yesterday, and no one in a cross-section of players 
seemed concerned about the introduction of testing for prohibited substances 
such as anabolic steroids and growth hormones.

"I've just been here 30 games, obviously, but, from what I've seen, I don't 
think many players are using steroids in hockey," defenseman Ryan Whitney 
said. "I'll bet it's the least in any of the major sports, beside 
basketball. Football and baseball, I'm sure, have way more than hockey."

Whitney said he underwent testing while competing in a world junior 
tournament and that, although testing was done while he was at Boston 
University, he never was selected to submit a urine sample.

Forward Ryan Malone, who was tested earlier this season when he was a 
candidate for the U.S. Olympic team, echoed Whitney's belief that testing 
won't turn up many violators on any team.

"If you look around the locker room, I don't think you see many guys on 
steroids, if you know hockey players," he said, failing to suppress a 

"Maybe 1 percent of the guys might take [performance-enhancing drugs], and 
those would just be the guys who might have to do some fighting or might 
need to prolong their careers, for whatever reason."

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