[Cevdopagem] No one to be charge over doping in communist era so far

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No one to be charged over doping in communist era so far

PRAGUE, Jan 15 (CTK) - Police started to investigate a secret programme of 
the state-controlled doping in sport in the former communist Czechoslovakia, 
but no former officials, athletes or doctors will probably end up in court, 
the daily Lidove noviny (LN) has reported.

The case was initiated by the Office for the Investigation and Documentation 
of Communist Crimes (UDV) which has evidence, proving that the Czechoslovak 
communist regime supported doping in professional sport, LN wrote in its 
Saturday's issue.

"We are dealing with it to map doping in professional sport under the 
communist era. The investigation should result in a book," Ilja Pravda from 
the UDV told the paper.

Pravda said he would like to complete the investigation into the case by the 
end of 2006.

LN points out that the Czech Republic would not follow up the footsteps of 
the neighbouring Germany where a number of doctors, coaches and high-ranking 
sport officials from the former communist Germany were brought to court.

The paper writes that the state-controlled doping of top athletes was 
launched in 1985 with the aim to gain more medals in the Olympics and World 
Championships than the capitalist countries.

Hundreds of athletes were involved in the programme and the lists of their 
names are still preserved, Pravda said, but he refused to release particular 

"The could file a complaint against us. We have only indirect evidence. The 
word doping is never cited in the [communist] documentation. They were not 
so stupid then," the paper quotes Pravda as saying.

He also pointed out that the UDV has problems to collect athletes' 
testimonies as only a few of them are willing to speak about doping openly. 
That is why some journalists whom Pravda has addressed should interview 
former athletes about this sensitive issue, LN writes.

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