[Cevdopagem] Turin still debating over doping tests

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Turin still debating over doping tests
By The Associated Press

ROME - Government and Olympic officials are still debating how Italy's tough 
doping law will be applied at next month's Turin Games.

The issue was thought to be resolved last month when Italy's government 
supervisor for the games, Mario Pescante, arranged a solution keeping the 
law in place but letting the International Olympic Committee oversee testing 
during the Feb. 10-26 games.

But the health ministry said Thursday that a decree issued quietly by the 
ministry last week gives its anti-doping commission responsibility for 
testing at all national and international competitions in Italy.

Gianni Petrucci, the president of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), 
responded by sending a letter to Premier Silvio Berlusconi. The letter 
called the decree "illegitimate" because it violates both Italy's agreement 
with the IOC and an opinion issued by a government legal panel last month.

The letter also said the decree creates "confusion" because it presents the 
possibility of more than one body administering tests during the Olympics.

Under Italian law, non-Italian athletes face no penalties if they refuse to 
be tested by the health ministry's anti-doping commission, according to 

CONI says it will go to the courts to try and have the decree canceled if 
Berlusconi does not intervene.

Italian law calls for criminal prosecution of sports doping offenders. Under 
IOC rules, athletes can be disqualified and stripped of their medals but 
face no criminal liability.

The health ministry anti-doping committee is scheduled to meet Friday.

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