[Cevdopagem] NHL drug testing will begin Sunday

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NHL drug testing will begin Sunday
The Whitehorse Daily Star
Thu 12 Jan 2006
Page: 17
Section: Sports
Dateline: TORONTO
Source: Canadian Press

TORONTO (CP) -- Random testing for banned substances in NHL players will 
begin on Sunday.
The league was devoid of a drug policy until the latest collective labour 
agreement was signed by both the league and the players last summer.

The testing has been delayed until now because the league and the Players' 
Association wanted each player and club medical personnel to attend a 
tutorial on substance abuse.

''I know I've been constantly watching what I put into my body,'' Oilers 
defenceman Chris Pronger said. ''I think this process has us on edge because 
it's not an exact science.''

Players will be tested randomly, up to twice a season, for prohibited 
substances such as anabolic steroids and growth hormones, but not stimulants 
such as ephedrine, which is found in some cold medications.

World Anti-Doping Agency president Dick Pound caused a ruckus in late 
November when he asserted that as many as a third of NHL players take some 
form of performance enhancing drug.

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