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Realmente a Coroa Brtânica deve estar envergonhada de seus Senhores "Sir".
MPs to probe drug abuse in sport
> By Adrian Warner, Evening Standard
> 1 March 2004
> Parliament today launched an inquiry into the abuse of
> drugs and testing procedures, the biggest issue in British sport after the
> cases of Dwain Chambers, Greg Rusedski and Rio Ferdinand.
> The all-party Culture, Media and Sport Committee will probe the
> policy on drug-testing as part of an investigation to find out the extent
> the doping problem.
> There has been an unprecedented series of scandals in the last six months.
> European 100 metres champion Chambers, who tested positive for THG, and
> England defender Ferdinand, who failed to take a test, have both been
> and Rusedski is waiting to hear his fate after a positive test for
> on the tennis circuit.
> Having given huge support to the new code of the World Anti-Doping Agency,
> Sports Minister Richard Caborn is trying to make sure all governing bodies
> adopt the same sanctions and drug-testing programmes.

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