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Caro Álvaro e colegas,
Agradeço ao Álvaro pela afetiva boas vindas e digo logo de inicio que espero contribuir com o possível para o melhor andamento da lista.
Sou estudante de Educação Física da PUCRS, faço parte de um grupo de pesquisa em estudos olímpicos e desde de muito novo estive envolvido com o esporte competitivo. No momento estou desenvolvendo dois trabalhos, ambos no âmbito olímpico social, que também abrange a questão do doping. 
Para uma melhor primeira contribuição repasso um email enviado pelo diretor da ASCA, American Swimming Coaches Association, John Leonard. Espero ser notícia nova.
Caio Bagaiolo Contador
WADA says out-of-competition testing for Athens already under way
> February 26, 2004
> Out-of-competition testing for the Athens Olympics is already under way,
> including two new tests to catch drug cheats who thought they could avoid
> detection, according to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).
> With the fight against drugs in sports in the spotlight after British
> sprinter Dwain Chambers was banned for testing positive for THG
> (tetrahydrogestrinone), top WADA officials on Wednesday outlined steps to
> make Athens drug-free to a meeting of the world's national Olympic
> committees.
> "Pre-Games out of competition testing has already started," WADA president
> Dick Pound told the gathering of 500 delegates from 202 national Olympic
> committees.
> "We can respond very quickly once we know what we are looking for so in
> order to deal with cheating we have to have the means of testing."
> WADA Director General David Howman said the means had been found and
> now included new detection measures.
> "Two new tests will be in place by Athens so that those who think they
> get away with it can be caught," Howman said. He gave no other details.
> Pound said the Athens Games would be the first with a common set of rules
> for all countries and all sports.
> "FIFA will sign on to the code in May ahead of the Games," Pound said
> concern that footballers might compete under different doping rules.
> However U.S. Olympic Committee president Bill Martin said while there was
> new world commitment and progress in stamping out doping, drug cheats were
> still out there. "The USOC and the U.S. government are committed to a
> free culture in sport. But we are not there yet," Maarten said.
> Pound told Reuters the two year ban on Chambers on Tuesday would mean
> nations, including the United States, would also want to show they had no
> tolerance for doping offenders.
> "The United States are determined to get out from under the suggestion
> they are not strong on doping," Pound said.
> International athletics officials have accused USA Track & Field of
> to punish athletes who had tested positive.
> The International Association of Athletics Federations last week sent a
> doping case involving world 400 metres champion Jerome Young to
> Young won a gold medal as a member of the U.S. 4x400 relay team at the
> Sydney Olympics.
> Chambers, 25, the European 100-meter champion, is the first athlete to be
> banned for testing positive for THG.
> Pound said while some national athletics federations were seen as dragging
> their feet on issues of doping, it was now the time to act.
> "Is this (drug) something we take inadvertently? There needs to be
> punishment for the offenders," he said.
> Four American track and field athletes have also tested positive for the
> steroid, which was discovered in a Los Angeles laboratory last year.
> THG was discovered by scientists at the Olympic Analytical Laboratory in
> Angeles last year after a syringe containing the new substance was handed
> the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) by an unidentified man claiming to be
> well known athletics coach.
> The USADA said it believed the drug was developed in the California-based
> BALCO laboratory, raided last September by the U.S. Internal Revenue
> criminal investigations unit and the San Mateo County Narcotics Task
> Forty athletes were subpoenaed to appear before a federal jury which this
> month indicted BALCO owner Victor Conte, his vice-president Jim Valente,
> Chambers's coach Remi Korchchemny and Greg Anderson, personal trainer for
> baseballer Barry Bonds.
> U.S. shotput champion Kevin Toth, hammer thrower John McEwen, American
> women's hammer champion Melissa Price and middle-distance runner Regina
> Jacobs are the four Americans who have tested positive. Their cases will
> considered by USADA.

alvaro em cev.org.br wrote:Pessoal, a nossa lista ganha muito em qualidade com a chegada do Caio
Bagaiolo, quem tive o prazer de conhecer no IV Forum Olimpico de Ctba (out
2003). Bem-vindo Caio. Pra quem nao te conhece, poderias resumir em uma
mensagem de apresentacao tua formacao, trabalhos desenvolvidos etc ?
Alvaro, adm da lista (http://www.cev.org.br/listas/listas.asp?cd_lista=96)

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