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Americans Spend Half of Their Spare Time Online

Americans Spend Half of Their Spare Time Online
Center for Media Research
Research Brief
<http://www.centerfo rmediaresearch. com/cfmr_ brief.cfm? fnl=070523>

According to Netpop I Play, a new report from Media-Screen, broadband
users spend an hour and 40 minutes (48% of their spare time) online in a
typical weekday, and more than half of that is spent accessing activities
related to entertainment and communication.

Josh Crandall, managing director of Media-Screen, says "Many broadband
consumers go online for entertainment, and to talk about entertainment
with other fans. Marketers need to leverage that interest..."

Search engines and social networking sites are gaining in popularity, says
the report, influencing an equal number of people as magazines and
newspapers. 48% of younger users say they learn about new entertainment
through community, review and video sharing sites and blogs. Only 25% say
they learn about new entertainment through television.


Two online media activities - sending email and visiting Web sites for
personal reasons - are more popular than watching television, says the

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The complete article may be read at the URL above.

Netpop | Play - This report covers four key genres of entertainment -
games, movies, music, and television and explores how broadband users act
as both consumers and producers of entertainment online.

<http://www.media- screen.com/ playTOC.html>

With an ever-growing array of fan sites and online marketing vehicles,
audience behaviors have shifted and millions of entertainment marketing
dollars are in flux. Our study helps marketers understand how fans of mass
media are engaging in entertainment online and how their actions, comments
and home-grown content are shaping the new digital media landscape.

Table of Contents | Charts and Tables Index


Executive Summary

Growth of Broadband

Broadband Play
New Media Landscape
Amount of Spare Time Online
Online versus Analog Media Habits
Time Online Allocated to Leisure and Entertainment
Frequency of Access
Access Devices
Mobile Play

Pull-Based Marketing
Online versus Offline Sources
Entertainment on "Long Tail" sites
Analysis of Sites Visited Regularly
Primary Role of Entertainment Sites
Impact on Overall Enjoyment

Content Creation
Community-Based Activities
Influence of User-Generated Sources
Fan-Related Activities
Emergence of Home-Grown Content

User Profiles
Online Insiders
Social Clickers
Content Kings

List of Charts and Tables

David Dillard
Temple University
(215) 204 - 4584
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