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Assunto: SportsML, and a Stats Weblog
De:      "Alan Karben" <alan em xmlteam.com>
Data:    Mon, Novembro 24, 2003 7:39 pm
Greetings, IASI members,
I'm a recent addition to your mailing list, and wanted to introduce myself
and the standards effort I've been leading. I'm Alan Karben of New York
City, and have been involved in the digital distribution of sports data
for several years. I'm chairman of the Sports Markup Language, an XML
standard for the detailed description of sports stats, results, schedules,
standings, and news.  SportsML is backed by the International
Telecommunications and Press Association, an international association of
news publishers whose members include AP, The New York Times, AFP, dpa,
Reuters, UK's Press Association, and many other news services in the U.S.,
Europe, and Asia.
>From the content on IASI.org and the traffic on the list, it's hard for
me to guage how many IASI members spend time working with sports
statistics and stats databases. But SportsML is the first and only effort
that I've come across that's trying to bring some cohesiveness and
consistency to sports data coverage, which will only lead to better and
more useful data for teams and for fans.
I invite any interested IASI members to visit >;http://www.sportsml.com to
join our mailing list, and to become involved in our effort. Please
contact me directly with any questions and comments. Also, my company (a
sports data integration & syndication firm) has recently started the first
Weblog that tracks sports data developments and innovations. It's called
Statsology, and along the side are links to other sports data resources,
including IASI. Check out Statsology at
>;http://www.xmlteam.com/statsology I welcome your comments and
suggestions for what Statsology can cover, and helpful resources it can
link to. Regards,

Alan Karben
alan em xmlteam.com
office: +1 (646) 201-9613
cellphone: +1 (646) 296-7870

IPTC SportsML Initiative
XML Team Solutions, Inc.
All-Stars at Sports Data Integration

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