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CHRONOLOGIES AND TIMELINES: History of Women in Sports Timeline

History of Women in Sports Timeline
<http://www.northnet .org/stlawrencea auw/timeline. htm>

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Part 1 - to 1899
"Bicycling has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the

I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman ride on a wheel.

It gives women a feeling of freedom and self-reliance. "

Susan B. Anthony, suffragist, 1896

Content Sample from Part 1 to 1899

776 B.C. - The first Olympics are held in ancient Greece. Women are
excluded, so they compete every four years in their own Games of Hera, to
honor the Greek goddess who ruled over women and the earth.

396 B.C. - Kyniska, a Spartian princess, wins an Olympic chariot race, but
is barred from collecting her prize in person.

1406 - Dame Juliana Berners of Great Britain writes the first known essay
on sports fishing. She described how to make a rod and flies, when to
fish, and the many kinds of fishing in her essay, Treatise of Fishing with
an Angle.

1552 - Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-87), an avid golfer, coins the term
caddy by calling her assistants cadets. It is during her reign that the
famous golf course at St. Andrews is built.

1704 - Sarah Kemble Knight (1666-1727) sets out alone on horseback from
Boston to New Haven and later New York, keeping a diary of her travels,
which was published in 1825 as The Journal of Madame Knight.

1722 - British fighter Elizabeth Wilkinson enters the boxing ring.

1780 - Three days of horse racing at the track in Hempstead Plains, Long
Island, include an event for women riders.

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