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Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001 12:43:33 -0300
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Interface, Journal of the Alabama Research and Education Network
This quarterly publication is designed to inform users and interested
organizations of recent developments at the Alabama Supercomputer
Special articles include information about hardware and software
and upgrades, research developments, support staff, and new member
organizations of the Alabama Research and Education Network (AREN).
features include technical articles from university researchers and
tips for AREN users. The Alabama Supercomputer Authority makes
supercomputing time and related resources available to Alabama's
researchers, government, and industry. We facilitate research in a wide
range of science and technology areas. Non-academic institutions,
federal agencies and industry, are encouraged to explore cooperative
ventures with us.
Articles are available in HTML format.
Contact: Ms. Josie Morgan
Email: jmorgan@xxxxxxx
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