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Subject: [Cevcbce-L] P.E:Science and Education
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Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 12:39:38 -0300
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Science and Education
Science & Education publishes research informed by the history,
and sociology of science and mathematics that seeks to promote better
teaching, learning, and curricula in science and mathematics. 
More particularly Science & Education promotes:
-The utilization of historical, philosophical and sociological
to clarify and deal with the many intellectual issues facing
science and mathematics education. 
-Collaboration between the communities of scientists, mathematicians,
historians, philosophers, cognitive psychologists, sociologists, science
and mathematics educators, and school and college teachers. 
-An understanding of the philosophical, cultural, economic, religious,
psychological and ethical dimensions of modern science and the interplay
of these factors in the history of science. 
-The inclusion of appropriate history and philosophy of science and
mathematics courses in science and mathematics teacher-education
-The dissemination of accounts of lessons, units of work, and programmes
in science and mathematics, at all levels, that have successfully
history and philosophy. 
-Discussion of the philosophy and purposes of science and mathematics
education, and their place in, and contribution to, the intellectual and
ethical development of individuals and cultures.
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Editor: Michael R. Matthews
Email: kluwer@xxxxxxxx
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