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of European Medieval Martial Arts (AEMMA) Online Library

Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts (AEMMA) Online Library
<http://www.aemma. org/library_ 768.html>

This website includes full text online docments with coverage of content
from the medieval period until the present time.

The purpose of this online library is to provide the Academy's (AEMMA)
students with historical references to facilitate their learning and
training of historical Western martial arts, and secondly, to share
historical manuscripts contained within this online library comprised of
treatises, German fechtbcher [ 1 ], Italian libri and other materials with
practitioners and schollers external to the Academy who also are engagerd
with the study and practice historical European martial arts. AEMMA's
efforts in the research and development of historical European martial
arts has resulted in accumulating of and gaining access to this material
from the various libraries, private individuals, museums and institutions
and worked with these sources in order to obtain permission to make
available to the WMA [ 2 ] community the material where possible while
abiding with their copyright requirements.

Content Sample:

Anonymous, c1500, "Goliath" - Biblioteka Jagiellonski

Biblioteka Jagiellonski, Krakow - Ms. Germ. Quart. 2020, NR: 5879 1989
ROK - "Goliath" is an obscure fechtbuch recently "uncovered" and
resurrected by Grzegorz Zabinski (originally in association with the
Brotherhood of the Eagle's Nest, Poland - no longer active) from the
archives of the Biblioteka Jagiellonski, Poland, originally part of the
collection of "Die Preussische Koenigliche Staatsbibliothek" in Berlin, is
dated sometime early in the 16th century, written in German. Composed of
568 pages containing images that are extraordinary, many depicting fully
armoured individuals engaged using longsword, spear, pollaxe weapons and
other illustrations of unarmoured techniques and knife techniques.

David Dillard
Temple University
(215) 204 - 4584
jwne em temple. edu

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