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"David P. Dillard" <jwne em TEMPLE.EDU>
Assunto: SPORTS: MEDICINE: PERIODICALS: What Happened to the Physician
& Sportsmedicine Journal

This post is a response to a question regarding what happened to the
journal Physician and SportsMedicine and these publically archived posts
on the Athletic Training Education list pertain to this discussion:


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Here is the response that I sent to this discussion.
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 10:45:47 -0500 (EST)
From: David P. Dillard <jwne em temple.edu>
Cc: athletic_training_education em yahoogroups.com
Subject: Re: [AT-Educ] Physician & Sportsmedicine journal

This journal is available depending on your institutional subscriptions
from Academic Search Premier full text from the EBSCO Host databank which
is a fee based subscription databank

Publication Details for "Physician & Sportsmedicine"

Title:  Physician & Sportsmedicine
ISSN:  0091-3847
Publisher Information:  Vendome Group LLC
149 Fifth Avenue
10th Floor
New York New York 10010
United States of America
Bibliographic Records:  01/01/1992 to present
Full Text:  01/01/2001 to present (with a 1 Month delay)
All Issues
  -- 2005
     Vol. 33 Issue 12 - Dec2005
     Vol. 33 Issue 11 - Nov2005
     Vol. 33 Issue 10 - Oct2005
     Vol. 33 Issue 9 - Sep2005
     Vol. 33 Issue 8 - Aug2005
     Vol. 33 Issue 7 - Jul2005
     Vol. 33 Issue 6 - Jun2005
     Vol. 33 Issue 5 - May2005
     Vol. 33 Issue 4 - Apr2005
     Vol. 33 Issue 3 - Mar2005
     Vol. 33 Issue 2 - Feb2005
     Vol. 33 Issue 1 - Jan2005
+ 2004
+ 2003
+ 2002
+ 2001
+ 2000
+ 1999
+ 1998
+ 1997
+ 1996
+ 1995
+ 1994
+ 1993
+ 1992


This includes full text articles but the last issue in EBSCO is the
December 2005 issue so this may now be a ceased publication.

Those who use EBSCO may find this post will help them improve the way
EBSCO is accessed, the end of a several year search on my part.

From: "David P. Dillard" <jwne em temple.edu>
Date: Sat Mar 11, 2006  1:42 pm
SEARCHING TECHNIQUES: EBSCO: Customer Service Past and Present and
Learning Better Ways to Use EBSCO

This post may also be of interest.

From: "David P. Dillard" <jwne em temple.edu>
Date: Mon Mar 20, 2006  11:55 am
Subject: LIBRARY: TECHNOLOGY: Libraries Shed Old Image

Getting back to Physician and Sportsmedicine:

ProQuest Indexing of Physician and Sportsmedicine

For those with appropriate ProQuest access, it is indexed back to 1989 in
the ProQuest system of databases, probably including Periodical Abstracts
and one may use WorldCat from First Search to find libraries in ones
region that subscribe to the journal to go to those libraries and find the
journal.  If the libraries you have membership in do not subscribe to
First Search, one may go to Google and perform this search to find
libraries in their area that subscribe.

"physician and sportsmedicine" and "find in a library"

Furthermore, one can, it appears use the Internet Archive with the past
working URL for this journal to obtain access to the archives of this

Journal URL:
Physician and Sportsmedicine URL:

Internet Archive

Menu Page in Internet Archive for this Journal's URL

List of Back Issues Online

A shorter URL for the above link:


December 2000 Table of Contents

A shorter URL for the above link:


Sample Full Text Article at this URL:

Promoting Cessation of Tobacco Use
Glen D. Morgan, PhD; Brion J. Fox, JD

A shorter URL for the above link:


For those interested in searching within the content of books using Google
Books, my article just published online in the Academic Search Premier
database and in the journal Online from Information Today may be of

Title:	Librarians, Jelly Beans, and Google Book Search. (cover story)
Authors:	Dillard, David1 jwne em temple.edu

Source:	Online; Mar/Apr2006, Vol. 30 Issue 2, p20-21, 2p
Document Type:	Article
Author Affiliations:	1Reference librarian, Temple University
Full Text Word Count:	852
ISSN:	0146-5422
Accession Number:	19824368
Database: 	Academic Search Premier

For those seeking subject guides to internet and published reference
resources these subject guides on the Temple University Library Subject
Guide Pages may be of interest.


Outdoor Recreation

A shorter URL for the above link:

Leisure Studies

A shorter URL for the above link:

Sports & Sports Management

General Internet & Print Resources

Since starting this message, I have found the posts on the
athletic_training_education list and have read with great interest about
the journal being sold, not taking on new subscribers and being possibly
up for sale again by the new owners.  The online world and corporate
ownership of publications have certainly led to journal du jour and
database du jour kinds of situations in the field of publications.  My
favorite story in this arena is the weekend Lexis Nexis some years ago
dropped around 300 business periodicals if memory serves me correctly.

I hope that the information above will be helpful to the members of this
discussion group.

David Dillard
Temple University
(215) 204 - 4584
jwne em temple.edu
General Internet & Print Resources

Laercio Elias Pereira

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