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Assistive Technology Resources and Software for Special
Education Students Including Resources for Autistic Students

Here are some sources on the internet you may want to have a look at.

Techniques to include users with autism in the design of assistive
Peter Francis
Bachelor of Information Systems

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Bypass/Compensatory Strategies and Assistive Technology to
Assure Success in Learning and Performance for Children:
Adolescents and Adults with Learning Disabilities
Warren A. Weinberg, M.D., Caryn R. Harper, M.S.,
Caitlin D. Schraufnagel, B.A., & Roger A. Brumback, M.D.

Abaris: Evaluating Automated Capture Applied to Structured Autism
Interventions Julie A. Kientz,1 Sebastian Boring,1,2 Gregory D. Abowd,1
and Gillian R. Hayes1 1 College of Computing & GVU Center, Georgia
Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA, USA {julie, abowd,
gillian}@cc.gatech.edu 2 University of Munich Munich, Germany
boring em cip.ifi.lmu.de


We present an example of an automated capture application which pro-vides
access to details of discrete trial training, a highly structured
intervention ther-apy often used with developmentally disabled children.
This domain presents an interesting case study for capture technology,
because of the well-defined practices and the tradition of manual
recording and review of materials. There is a strong moti-vation for
therapists to review the rich record of therapy sessions that is made
possi-ble by recorded video, but acceptance hinges on minimal intrusion
upon the human activities. To achieve that, we leverage several perception
technologies that fit with the natural activities of the live experience
and allow the creation of meaningful indi-ces. We also critically explore
the contribution various perception technologies have on the overall
utility of the capture system.

Title A Teacher's Guide to Using Technology in the Classroom
Author(s) Karen S Ivers
Publisher Libraries Unlimited
Publication Date Apr 30, 2003
Subject Technology & Industrial Arts
Format Hardcover
Pages 168
Dimensions 8.28 x 11.20 x 0.42 in
ISBN 1591580749

Assistive Technology FAQ (updated November 2002)

Critical Issue: Enhancing System Change and Academic Success Through
Assistive Technologies for K12 Students With Special Needs

Assistive Technologies in the Special Education Classroom
An AskERIC Response
January 2003

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Assistive Communication Technologies for Persons With Expressive
Communication and Cognitive Disabilities
D. Jeffery Higginbotham, PhD, Susan Lawrence-Dederich, MA, Rae M.
Sonnenmeier, MA, and
Kyung-Eun Kim, MA
Communication and Communication Disorders

Speech Therapy Directory: Therapy Resources

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Speech Therapy Resources

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