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MOVIMENTO is the official journal of the Italian Society  of Sport
Psychology. It was established in 1984 by a collaboration between
Ferruccio Antonelli, founder and first President of the International
Society of Sport Psychology , and the Edizioni Luigi Pozzi, also Publisher
of the International Journal of Sport Psychology.
The aim of the journal is to participate at the enhancing of the knowledge
(theoretical and practical) in the sciences of physical activity, human
movement, exercise and sport.
MOVIMENTO is particularly devoted to the Italian specialists and it is
published in Italian with title and abstracts in English. Co-editors are
Alberto Cei (Institute of Sport Science, Italian Olympic Committee, Rome)
and Cristiano Violani (Dept of Psychology, University of Rome "La
Sapienza", Rome.
People outside of Italy interested to know MOVIMENTO receiving one free
copy or to submit contributions about their works in this field are
Please contact for:
free copies: Edizioni Luigi Pozzi, Via Panama 68,00198 Roma, Italy
edizioni_pozzi em tin.it
further information and contributions: al.cei em tin.it

English abstracts of MOVIMENTO are in: http://www.ijsp-online.com

Alberto Cei
al.cei em tin.it

Laercio Elias Pereira

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