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    Otimo exemplo de como mandar pelos ares uma revista
e usar a internet para explicar os principais termos que
aparecem nos textos, desde os sumarios, com apontadores.
Tem tambem indice de autores. Da' pra escrever para os
autores que tratam dos nossos temas de interesse.
Sao 263 artigos em texto integral com os  topicos:
Folk Belief, Storytelling, Customs e Cultural Studies.
Abaixo os sumarios dos dois primeiros volumes.
São 38 volumes (1996-2008). Ja' pensou se a gente tivesse a cevfolclore?
Quem topa? Favor escrever direto pra laerciocev em gmail.com. Laercio
[Net-Gold] FOLKLORE: ESTONIA: Electronic Journal of Folklore
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FOLKLORE: ESTONIA: Electronic Journal of Folklore
http://folklore. ee/folklore/

Folklore Vol. 1:

Some Possible origins of St. Georges Day customs
and beliefs by Mall Hiiemäe

Fisherman's work and the sea in the
Livonian folk calendar by Kristi Salve

Legends of the Afganistan War by Eda Kalmre

Hereditary transmission in Siberian Shamanism
and the concept of the reality of legends by Aado Lintrop

The Great Chain Metaphor: an open sesame for proverb
semantics? by Arvo Krikmann

Traditional melody variations in Karksi parish
(SOUTH-ESTONIA) by Taive Särg
Folklore vol.2

Folklore Vol. 2:

The Incantations of Tubyaku Kosterkin by
Aado Lintrop

Shamanism in a postmodern age by
Mihaly Hoppal

The transmission of knowledge among
Estonian Witch Doctors by Mare Kõiva

Manifestations of the Revenant in Estonian Folk
Tradition by Eha Viluoja

The Tartu Research Group of Paremiology by
Arvo Krikmann & Ingrid Sarv

Trade-off between quantity and stress in Estonian
folksong performance? by Jaan Ross & Ilse Lehiste

Cultural identity, nationalism and changes in
singing traditions by Kristin Kuutma

Folklore Vol. 3:

Little Mos'-woman: the story of a (fairy-)tale by
Aado Lintrop

Oh, my pretty hair by Kristi Salve

Some historical layers in the customs of
St. Lawrence's Day by Mall Hiiemäe

The Colour and The Word by Virve Sarapik

Regarding the Way-Finding Habits of the Siberian
peoples, considering the Khants as an example by
Art Leete

Time models in Estonian traditional and literary
Ballads by Arne Merilai


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